Felt Storage Baskets With Handles Soft Durable Toy Storage Nursery Bins Home Decorations (Grey)

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Felt storage box can be production as your requiremnts, we can customize size. good fiber elasticity, comfortable tactile feeling, and good credibility.

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Felt storage basket has the characteristics of softness and toughness, good fiber elasticity, comfortable tactile feeling, and good credibility. Because wool felt after folding, can quickly return to the original state, not easy to deform. In addition, the fiber structure can be tightly tangled, its strong and tough properties do not need to be knitted, sewn and other processing, can be completely integrated molding, the weight of the protective cover made of this material is super light, and has excellent buffering and protection function.



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If you're interested in our felt storage baskets with handles soft durable toy storage nursery bins home decorations (grey), welcome to buy our quality and cheap products at big discount. As one of the leading felt products manufacturers and suppliers in China, our factory also supports customized production. Enjoy the low price and good service.