A brief discussion on the use effect of wool felt 2

- Jul 09, 2018-

The second point is good thermal insulation performance. It can be used as thermal insulation and thermal insulation material. After flame retardant treatment, it can be used as thermal insulation, thermal insulation and flame retardant materials. According to the properties of felt, compact structure and small pore, it can be used as a good oil filtration material. Good wear resistance. It can be used as polishing and polishing material.

The wool felt can be divided into medium and coarse industrial felt, color industrial felt and civil felt (Civil blankets), which is suitable for students' dormitories and military barracks. Full fur suppression is a substitute for Tatami. It has the advantages of cold proof, cold, heat return, moisture proof, etc., needling felt, stainless steel felt, felt wheel, felt parts, industrial flat wool felt, wool felt insoles, pure wool carpet, geotextile, fine white felt, half white felt, felt, felt and wool felt. Wheel, color industrial felt, polished marble stainless steel felt, soft felt, civilian felt, needle felt, chemical fiber felt, chemical fiber nonwoven fabric, Mao Zhandian, felt strip, felt ring, felt felt and so on. Suitable for mechanical, mechanical, chemical, textile and other industrial use, such as aircraft, cars, trains, ships, tractors, diesel engines, motor, cassette recorder, VCR, TV, tape, fan, refrigerator, telephone, typewriter, bicycle, polisher, polishing machine, textile machine and other mechanical products It is used for oil, oil sweeping, gun shock, gasket, sound insulation, clear sound, moisture, insulation, insulation, filtration and polishing, even used in enameled wire, magnetic materials, as well as the felt of instruments and medical equipment.