A Brief Talk on the Rapid Development of Wool Felt Products

- Jun 03, 2019-

In this high-tech era, there have been a variety of machinery and equipment for our work to make an important contribution. In fact, in the traditional process, there are many because the emergence of modern equipment is far from people's vision. Among them, wool felt is an important tool in our traditional technology, not only in life but also in production activities. It can be said that the development of this era is inseparable from the use of wool felt.

Under the background of globalization and modernization, whether the cultural value, social value and economic value of wool felt indicate that wool felt craft tradition can continue and resist the pressure of modernization and globalization. Through sorting out the legends and stories of wool felt, tracing back the development history of wool felt from the excavation of stone tablet license, this paper expounds that wool felt, as a memory of the loss of Bai nationality tradition, is the hope of rebuilding local cultural tradition and an inevitable nostalgia.

When people bring back the wool felt products they bought, their long-lost feelings towards wool felt can be seen in the eyes of some people, especially in the 1950s. This feeling is hard for the young people to understand. In that era of material shortage, the single type of bedding made wool felt become the fashion of the fashionable side, which was the fashion pronoun of bedding in the old age. The marriage without a wool felt is less festive; the old man without a wool felt feels much colder.

No matter how time changes, no matter how the times change, wool felt is always a necessary product of the times. The development of the times can not be separated from the use of wool felt.

As we all know, felt is widely used in many fields and industries, because felt itself has great advantages, such as elasticity, can be used as shock proof, sealing, liner and elastic wire clothing felt material. At present, it is mainly used in various industries in China, such as anti-vibration, oil lubrication, friction resistance and so on.