A piece of calligraphy and painting felt 1

- Aug 27, 2018-

First, the role of calligraphy and painting felt

Calligraphy felt, that is, in the writing of brush writing or Chinese painting pad used in the bottom of the paper felt.

Felt on the surface of the small fluff can hold up the paper, but also be able to suck excess ink, ink will not let excess infiltration to the desktop, dirty desktop.

In addition, we do not know whether we have such an experience, if you do not place mat, painting and writing, too much ink will infiltrate the desktop and then in turn expand the area of ink in the halo corrupted, destroy the original strokes.

So, it is actually necessary to pad a piece of calligraphy and painting when writing.

Calligraphy felt is generally not so easy to dirty, because its surface is not as smooth as the cloth, but there are fine fluff of paper and ink from the top.

Is a piece of the most calligraphy and painting felt, but also can be used repeatedly, I bought junior high school stationery shop to buy calligraphy and painting felt, until now are still using.

It is said that some old calligraphers will use a good blanket for decades, and I think this is by no means a false impression.