A piece of calligraphy and painting felt, actually there is so much stress

- Nov 30, 2017-

First, the role of calligraphy and painting felt

Calligraphy felt, that is, in the writing of brush writing or Chinese painting pad used in the bottom of the paper felt.

Felt on the surface of the small fluff can hold up the paper, but also be able to suck excess ink, ink will not let excess infiltration to the desktop, dirty desktop.

In addition, we do not know whether we have such an experience, if you do not place mat, painting and writing, too much ink will infiltrate the desktop and then in turn expand the area of ink in the halo corrupted, destroy the original strokes.

So, it is actually necessary to pad a piece of calligraphy and painting when writing.

Calligraphy felt is generally not so easy to dirty, because its surface is not as smooth as the cloth, but there are fine fluff of paper and ink from the top.

Is a piece of the most calligraphy and painting felt, but also can be used repeatedly, I bought junior high school stationery shop to buy calligraphy and painting felt, until now are still using.

It is said that some old calligraphers will use a good blanket for decades, and I think this is by no means a false impression.

Second, the type of painting felt

There are a variety of calligraphy and painting on the market for us to choose from, generally speaking, the production of calligraphy and painting felt the main material is wool or chemical fiber, due to differences in materials and technology, and produce a wide range of calligraphy and painting felt.

First of all, from the material point of view, some calligraphy and painting blankets are pure wool, the pure wool painting and calligraphy felt inside is divided into domestic wool (a calligraphy and painting felt) and imported wool production (premium calligraphy and painting felt), and some are chemical fiber (Chemical fiber painting and calligraphy felt), there is a mixture of wool and chemical fiber (blended calligraphy and painting felt).

From the craft point of view, some calligraphy and painting felt with a more dense cloth over the side, while others just made the edge of the line, and some are directly after cutting the state, have not been into any processing.

Wrapped sheep wool felt done, the general high-end felt that way.

In addition, wool felt blankets, some are true colors, and some bleached the latter was stained, when it comes to dyeing, the color may be more.

Third, beginner calligraphy How to choose a suitable piece of calligraphy and painting felt

See here, some friends must ask, how can I choose a suitable piece of felt it?

Qiming most of the friends looking at this article are calligraphy beginners, have also been described in many places before, but also quoted the "Yellow Simple Explanation Calligraphy Primary Course" in the simple teacher Huang, beginner suggested starting from the older word , Which is conducive to grasp the pen method.

In my opinion, when I was a beginner, I used a common calligraphic mat with a square meter, about 50 centimeters by 50 centimeters and 50 centimeters by 70 centimeters.

Then look at the size of the word rice felt on the felt, the general size of the felt on the grid is 10 cm square, smaller felt grid may be 9 cm.

Then look at the thickness, with this type of printed calligraphy felt, the special quality of the felt will not be too thick, and sometimes too much ink is really possible to go through. Felt more than 2 mm thick is sufficient for beginners or for everyday practice in painting and calligraphy.

The last is to see whether the printing is clear, and some blankets printed very rough, irregular, and some are printed lines are not clear, so the greatest advantage of such a blanket printed lattice is more convenient for beginners to grasp more accurately The structure of a word, because of the grid we can use the word grid as a reference line to find the copybook in a word from the pen position, pen direction and pen position, which I am in the " To calligraphy beginners experience of temporary posts) "article also mentioned, but if it is used with the word lattice machine flash paper does not matter, you can directly to the paper of the word grid as a reference

For example, before the Ming dynasty to share with the word "Yan Liu Ou Zhao 4506 words", "Jiucheng Gong" in the "nine" words, when you are in the process of internship, you can control the word on this post Grid, find the location and direction in their own meter grid.

Finally, if you want to write a large piece of work, then you need to buy a big thick felt, because the work of large often means that with a large amount of ink, the greater the possibility of penetration, greater and thicker felt care ink performance and ink absorption capacity Stronger, obviously more appropriate; if it is written in lowercase, you can also choose the kind of thinner surface fluff finer, softer and more flat wool felt, not here one by one to explain.

I hope this article said the relevant knowledge of calligraphy felt good for everyone.