A problem that can not be ignored by viscose fiber

- Jul 12, 2018-

(1) environmental problems: the pollution of viscose fiber production to the environment is mainly the pollution of hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide to the atmosphere and the pollution of organic matter and sulfate in the wastewater. Due to environmental protection, developed countries have gradually withdrawn from the field of viscose fiber production, production capacity is transferred to developing countries, of which China, India and Indonesia are developing fastest. If the production of traditional viscose fibers is reasonable in terms of pollution control measures, viscose fiber will still have its vitality even though its technology is complex and investment is large. The development of viscose fiber industry in China is not at the expense of the environment. It is necessary to actively digest and absorb the latest achievements and successful experience of foreign viscose fiber production enterprises in controlling the emission of harmful substances. The recovery rate of the harmful substances in the developed countries is around 85%, and the joint system of Lenzing for the harmful gas is returned. The yield is 90%[2].

(2) differential viscose fiber: domestic viscose fiber variety is still very single, based on conventional varieties, chemical fiber difference rate is only about 25%, more lack of development and research in the field of non - use. The development trend of international viscose fiber is the development and application of new fibers such as high performance, differentiation, functionalization and environmental protection, and the downstream product style is more rich and diverse. The development and application of multi-functional composite viscose fiber, such as far infrared, superfine fiber, hollow fiber, negative oxygen ion, antibacterial and flame retardant, further promoted the improvement of fabric grade, which made it develop to health care, comfort, functionalization, characteristic, Gao Fangzhen and high added value. In addition to the use of the field, viscose fiber in the field of non - taking development is also very wide, such as non-woven fabric, industrial silk, engineering construction, national defense and other fields, these areas are the textile industry of China's textile industry key investment direction.