About Felt polishing wheel

- Mar 12, 2018-

About Felt polishing wheel

   1.Mainly used for glass products, medical equipment, precision instruments, wood, jewelry, stainless steel products, stainless steel plate polishing.

   2. Characteristics of felt wheel: The production process of felt wheel is different from that of industrial flat felt. It has a long time of tight organization and small pores. It is not limited by the warp and weft like the fabric. The thickness of the felt wheel is easy to grasp and the density can be produced according to the requirements. Good grinding performance. The characteristics of the felt wheel are not possessed by every specification. For example, the density of the strong felt wheel will lose its elasticity if it is too large, and the wear resistance will be lost if the density is too small. The length and thickness of the wool will affect the characteristics. Can be set according to actual application. It is the best material for polishing the wood, jewelry, glass, precision instruments, stainless steel products, and stainless steel plates.

    3. How to choose the felt wheel: Choose the right felt wheel according to the correct density required for the item to be thrown, select the quality of the felt wheel according to the item to be thrown, and finally select the product with fine hair and no impurities. Part of the plane will appear on the market. Felt-punched felt wheels, because the density of the flat felt cannot reach the polishing density, the length and thickness of the felt are less than required, and it is easy to damage the quality of the thrown item surface.