about felt processing technology

- Nov 11, 2019-

Wool felt can be processed with the animal hair of sheep, cattle, horse, etc. the processing technology is as follows:

I. The animal hair shall be sorted and cleared of sundries, and preliminarily processed with a spring machine to make it fluffy

2. The animal hair is rolled into soft cotton floss by a gin

3. Lay the wool according to different specifications, unfold the bamboo curtain of corresponding size, and evenly snap the wool of specified thickness on it. Then, spray water to moisten, and then roll up the hair with bamboo curtain, and tie several lines of brown rope or nylon rope

4. The rolling felt will be rolled up with bamboo curtains and tied on the rolling drill to roll back and forth, so that the wool fibers are implicated with each other, that is to say, rolling the felt into felt

5. Take the felt out of the bamboo curtain and soak it in hot water to wash away the dirt on the surface

Vi. spread the felt by hanging the slurry, brush a layer of flour paste on both sides, roll the felt again to make the paste penetrate into the interior, and finally wash to remove the surface laitance

7. Hang the tapestry after hanging in the sun for drying until the surface is dry. Pull out the shrink size to make it reach the specified size. Finally, hang it in the drying room and dry it with coal fire, which is the finished felt.