About Wool felt Laptop Bag

- Feb 19, 2018-

About Wool felt Laptop Bag

Wool felt laptop bag Material: high quality wool felt 

Ingredients: wool chemical fiber computer is not afraid of shock! Felt bag with high-quality wool felt, with the advantages of felt, simple style, but also make your computer more protection Features - Wide-screen 12-inch-14 inch laptop - Can be used for storage of documents, ordinary folders, stationery and other items; - High quality wool felt material, soft, durable, recovery up to 100%, environmentally friendly; Features and beautiful appearance, both convenient to take a meeting or class, but also into the bag carrying felt advantages: 

1. Elastic, chemical resistance, flame retardant self-extinguishing, effective fire prevention 

2. Wearable, easy to damage 

3. Not easy to deform, easy folding storage 

4. Good insulation 

5. Vibration damping effect is excellent 

6. High water absorption 7. Renewable resources, environmental protection materials