Acupuncture technology is still the main force to promote the development of nonwovens

- Jan 22, 2018-

Acupuncture is a mechanical entanglement method to form a non-woven fabric, which uses a needle with a side tooth to drive the fibers into the bottom of the web to reciprocate and entangle the fibers with each other. The needle is fixed on the needle plate, the opposite surface of the needle plate is fixed on the connecting rod, the connecting rod drives the needle plate to move up and down to complete the intertwining between the fibers.

Needle design is the core of stabbing technology. Depending on the type of fiber used and the performance requirements for forming the nonwoven, the desired fabric is produced by changing the barb profile, the barb angle, and the overall shape to the fiber.

Acupuncture technology for thicker web reinforcement, the process is easy and heat setting, chemical bonding and impregnation and other processes combined. Compared with other types of non-woven products, acupuncture products tensile strength, tear strength, adjustable modulus range, stable mechanical properties, outstanding durability, the web width up to 13m.

Needle punching mechanism programming is based on thorn needles under thorn needle, pricking, or two directions of movement, as well as into the ring, jacquard and jacquard and other processes completed. San-hui company promised them to produce acupuncture machine no swing, low vibration, less heat, low noise, speed up to 1000-1500 thorns / min.