Advantages and disadvantages of various working wool felt pad

- Jan 09, 2019-

The main function is to reduce the impact pad work opportunities poke the needle with the desktop, a common pad at work in three ways: 

  1. foam-type foam pad work advantages: cheap, easy to glue wool, very suitable for beginners to use  , the market size of the foam pad sizes, optionally choose. Cons: after a period of time, because of the collapse of bubble and need to be replaced. 2. High density sea work mat advantages: a thick elastic, when the volume of wool, the surface of the sponge can cause resistance, it could roll very tight. 

  2. Disadvantages: too many times, there will be situations card wool and sponge crumbs, resilient thrusting oversized work mat may be elastic needle phenomenon. 

   3. Brush work mat Advantages: looks like a cleaning brush, you will find them different after careful      observation, the bristle density is very high child and tidy, the higher the price, but can be reused,        generally do not wear out, ideal for needle felting planar object. 

    Disadvantages: because of the back needle felting brush works with contact easily roughed on  

     which you can place a piece of cloth, to avoid contact with the brush.