A brief discussion on the use effect of wool felt 1

- Jul 09, 2018-

There are many legends about the origin of woollen felt, one of which is interesting about the guardian of the western shoes and hats, Clement. In order to escape from the enemy's pursuit, St. Clement ran desperately in the woods, and his feet began to ache with fever, but he was still trying to get rid of his enemies, and he found some wool in the woods and stopped to collect it. Put your feet back in your shoes and continue to run.


With the continuous progress of the society, the development of industrial felt has also entered a high speed stage. The function and use of industrial felt is more and more widely used, which is suitable for all light, medium and heavy industries. Then, what stages are the development stages of industrial felt?

With the development of industry in China, wool felt products are more important in industry. This year is a very critical year in the development process of the felt sealing pad industry. First, from the external macro environment, new policies and regulations affecting the development of the industry will be introduced in succession. To change the way of economic growth, strict energy conservation and emission reduction have a profound impact on the development of felt seal industry. In addition, there are factors such as inflation, RMB appreciation, increasing human resources cost and so on. Problems such as step atrophy and increasing complexity of product sales market are faced by enterprises decision-makers and must be solved urgently.

Advantages of high quality industrial wool felt

I believe we are familiar with the industrial wool felt. But how much do you know about the advantages and price of the wool felt?

Industrial wool felt good elasticity: elastic close to wool, when elongation to 5%-6%, almost completely restored. Wrinkle resistance is better than other fibers, that is, fabric will not wrinkle, dimensional stability is good, industrial wool felt good wear resistance.

* point and felt are made of natural wool. The production process without weft - free is based on the cross of the wool itself. The main features are: because of the good properties of the felt, it is elastic, and it is not easy to loose. It can be used as a shock proof, seal, liner, punching, and cutting to make all kinds of parts.