Brief Introduction of Soundproof Felt Board for Decoration

- Aug 21, 2019-

Brief Introduction of Soundproof Felt Board for Decoration

Sound absorber board is manufactured according to the characteristics of wool, such as good non-woven, integral formability, waterproof, warmth retention, fire resistance, fixation, heat insulation and other high-quality properties.

Making use of its natural high-quality characteristics, felt can achieve the good-looking color that people need without any pollution, and is much cheaper than other sound insulation products in price, at the same time, the effect is far superior to other sound insulation products. Guarantee the right price to buy both good-looking and practical sound insulation products!!


Construction process of polyester fiber sound absorption board:

1. Open-frame ceiling - - - can be cut into small pieces and hoisted with T-type keel. The construction method is the same as that of traditional small-plate ceiling.

2. Undercover hanger ceiling - --- Polyester fiberboard and keel can be joined by gluing or nailing. The edge and surface of the board can be modified with an artistic knife to make various engraving patterns, and the board can also be bent to facilitate the modelling.

3. Space sound absorber - polyester fiberboard has toughness and tension resistance. It can be directly connected with the edge of the board by clamps or hangers.

4. Wall-mounted Construction Method

(A) When the wall of polyester fiberboard with reserved back cavity is installed, the straight light steel keel can be used as the back-attached keel. The polyester fiberboard is glued or connected with the light steel keel by nailing on the finished solid wall additional wall keel. Good smoothness and stability.