Carpet becomes a necessary household product in winter

- Sep 29, 2020-

Take off the shoes to enter the house, no one wants to stick cold floor tiles on the warm baseboard, so carpet has become a necessary home product in winter. There are many kinds of carpets on the market. It's not easy to choose one that suits you. It's not difficult to buy Carpets. You can grasp three tips: look at the style, the specifications and the materials.

Carpet is a large area of home decoration, which has a great impact on the visual effect of the overall space. Therefore, in the purchase of carpet, the first thing to see is what style of home decoration. If it is a modern decoration, and then with a complex pattern of classical carpet, it will appear out of place. For example, carpet with bright silk rayon is suitable for modern and neoclassical home; imitation wool jacquard carpet is more suitable for European style.