Characteristics of felt cloth

- Sep 27, 2018-

Felt is a popular term also known as nonwoven or non-woven cloth, materials have wool, polyester, viscose, polypropylene, acrylic fiber and other fibers, felt has the characteristics of paper, that is, no matter how you cut, the cut place is not like other cloth, the fiber will spread, because of this characteristic, with felt to make products It's very convenient. It's a little woolen in the sense. It's more stylish and flexible to make with it. It can be used in DIY, toys, wedding arrangement, photographic background, Christmas handicraft, embroidery, cushion, meal, ornaments, clothing, shoes, handbags, bags and gift packaging. Interior decoration.

Felt features: bright color, thick and strong, washable, not easy to pill, good tensile properties, environmental protection up to European standards.