Classification of viscose short fibers

- Jul 11, 2018-

Ordinary viscose fiber

(1) viscose cotton staple fiber cut length 35~40mm, size 1.1~2.8dtex (1.0~2.5 Dan) and cotton blended can do fine cloth, Valentine, Hua Dane and so on.

(2) viscose hair type short fiber, cut length 51~76mm, 3.3~6.6dtex (3.0~6.0 denier), can be pure spinning, and wool blended, can be used as a flower, coat and so on.

Rich and strong fiber

(1) it is an improved variety of viscose fiber.

(2) pure spinning can be made of fine cloth, poplin and so on.

(3) blended with cotton and polyester to produce all kinds of garments.

(4) alkali resistance is good, woven fabric is neat, no shrinkage and deformation after washing, durable and durable.

Viscose silk

(1) clothing, quilt, bedding and decorations can be made.

(2) viscose silk and cotton yarn interweave, can be made of yarn and thread quilt.

(3) viscose silk and silk interwoven, can be made of yarn, brocade and so on.

(4) viscose thread is interwoven with polyester and nylon filament, and can be made of satin satin and ancient satin.

Viscose strong silk

(1) the strength is twice as high as that of ordinary viscose.

(2) twisting and weaving cord fabrics for automobiles, tractors and carriage tires.