Classification of wool felt grinding heads

- Jun 10, 2019-

Wool felt grinder:

wool polishing wheel sizes 2

It is made of wool felt and used for polishing glass, marble, metal diamond, etc.

Grinding head classification:

Cylindrical grinding head hemispherical grinding head arc grinding head spherical grinding head conical grinding head bullet grinding head

Use of these tools:

Drilling, cutting and polishing.

1 cotton head, used for polishing, (used in stone, iron, soft goods)

2 sweepers, used for polishing, (used in the same category)

3 Holding needles, used to hold cotton dishes, Jingang sand dishes.

4 Short pinhead (used in the same 3, dishes can be larger)

5 sandcloth rolls, used for grinding and deburring in circular areas, (used for soft objects such as wood and plastic)

6 Golden Steel Sand Head, used for drilling holes (used in the same category)

7. Petroleum Gong head, used for primary polishing (used in the same class)

8 alloy bit for drilling holes (used in the same category)

9 Sand in the dish holder, used to stick sand cloth (used in the same 5 categories). Cotton silk dish (same category)

10 golden steel sand dish for sawing shovels (used in the same category)

11 Petroleum dishes for polishing and shoveling (used in the same category)

12/13 Golden Steel Sand Saucer, used for data (used in the same category)

Wool grinding head is used in the fine grinding of cylinder bore grinding, pipeline, abrasive tools, dies, medical equipment, beauty containers, gold and silver jewelry, stainless steel, glass instruments, special mechanical parts, etc. Wool grinding head has excellent polishing effect on the mould and can achieve mirror effect.