color wool felt for Accent wall

- Nov 02, 2018-

Coloured wool felt is used to decorate the wall. It can not only increase the visual attraction, but also help to absorb sound and make the cold space warm. The green felt is folded into a complex module, and it becomes the highlight of space * after being arranged in a matrix. Too many materials can be used to create a "Accent wall", not only limited to your imagination.

Usually, there are several ways of collocation.

Elegant and beautiful.

The center color is rose and lavender. The carpet is light rose. The sofa is a little stronger than the carpet. The curtain can be printed in lavender. The lamp shade and lamp pole can be rose or purple. Some green cushions and potted plants can be decorated. The walls and furniture can be grayish and graceful.

Elegant and beautiful.

The center color is pink. Sofa, lampshade pink, curtain, cushion with pink printed cloth, floor light brown, wall Milky white, this tone for young women and girls.

Gorgeous and fresh tone.

The center color is wine red, blue and gold, the sofa is wine red, the carpet is dark earth red, the wall surface is bright beige, partially decorated with gold, such as gold-plated wall lamp, plus some blue as an auxiliary, that is, a gorgeous and fresh style.

Lively and exquisite colors.

The center color is yellow and orange. Carpet orange, curtain, bedspread with yellow and white printing cloth, sofa, ceiling with gray tone, plus some green plants foil, unique atmosphere.

Gentle and romantic tone.

The center color is soft pink. Carpets, lampshades and curtains are reddish and white, and furniture is white. The room is partially decorated with light blue and warm atmosphere.

There is room and home to decorate.