Common sense of carpet cleaning

- Sep 21, 2020-

Although the use of carpet cleaning has become the trend of home floor decoration, but many people have concerns about its cleaning and maintenance. In fact, there is no need to worry, just pay attention to the daily maintenance and cleaning and storage.

Daily maintenance

For the dust produced in daily life, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush to clean along the direction of the hair every day.

Try to avoid direct sunlight, where the place is exposed, color fading fast, color difference, especially affect the overall effect of the room. Especially in summer and autumn, pay attention to closing curtains or shading with other objects. Be careful not to splash the washing powder, detergent and chemicals on the carpet. Such items will fade after washing.

● local cleaning

For local stains and oil stains on the carpet surface, use soft cotton cloth to dip a little professional carpet cleaning agent or degreasing agent to wipe, and then use clean wet cotton cloth to gently wipe several times. Finally, wipe the wet blanket surface along the wool direction with dry cloth and dry it in the air.

Regular cleaning

In order to ensure the service life of carpet, regular cleaning (including cleaning, moistureproof, insect proof treatment) is very necessary, usually twice a year is the best. Due to the excessive chemical composition in the commonly used dry cleaning agent, it is easy to corrode the color, so it is not suitable for large area or whole carpet cleaning. Therefore, it is recommended that the carpet should be sent to a professional manufacturer for cleaning.

Storage precautions

When your carpet needs to be stored temporarily, you can sprinkle some insect repellent on the carpet surface, then roll the carpet inward, seal it with the special packaging bag when you bought it, and place it in a ventilated and dry place. Do not store in open air.


1. For liquid stains

Absorb the liquid with paper or cloth with strong water absorption capacity, dilute the carpet cleaning fluid with warm water, dip the diluted carpet detergent with clean cloth, and gently tap the area soaked by the liquid. After all traces are cleaned, thoroughly absorb moisture, and then brush along the carpet texture until completely dry.

2. For oil stain

Scrape off the residue with a blunt knife or spatula, then clean with dry cleaning agent, and finally wipe repeatedly with a absorbent cloth.

3. For urine stains

Dry the urine. Dilute carpet cleaner with egg white. Tap the contaminated area with the prepared cleaning solution. Absorb the moisture and comb along the carpet texture in the polluted area with cap brush.

4. For paint stains

Oily paint: first of all, dry the excess paint with paper and clean it with colorless alcohol. Dilute the carpet cleaning solution and pat the contaminated area with cloth. Then clean with water, pat until dry, and comb along the carpet texture in the contaminated area with a brush.

Emulsion paint: first of all, dry the excess paint with paper, and then clean the contaminated area with cold water. Then wash with diluted carpet cleaner, and then wash with water. After drying, use a brush to comb along the carpet texture in the contaminated area.

5. For ink stains

Liquid ink: immediately use paper with strong water absorption capacity to dry the ink, rinse with warm water at the same time absorb excess water, if necessary, use carpet cleaning agent ballpoint pen oil stains: use clean cloth to stick colorless alcohol, wet the carpet, and then carefully dry it, and comb the carpet texture with a brush.

6. For shoe polish stains

Carefully scrape off the shoe polish and wipe with dry cleaner. Dilute the carpet cleaner, wet the clean white cloth, and clean the carpet. Finally, dry all the water and comb with a brush.

7. For gum stains

Harden the gum with a freezing agent, pick out the gum, and repair the carpet.

8. For cigarette end burning

After scraping the scorch mark with a knife, the patch was used. Find a piece of unused carpet wool cut, glue the wool to the coke with all-purpose glue, and then press the weight, and it will be firm in a few hours.