Creating Felt Coasters with Patterned Fabric

- Aug 25, 2017-

1.  Measure and cut 3.5x3.5 in (88.9x88.9 mm) squares of felt and patterned fabric.Use a ruler or measuring tape to mark twelve squares of white felt, six squares of gray felt, and six squares of patterned fabric. Use fabric scissors or a rotary cutter to cut crisp, straight edges. All of your fabric pieces should be cut to 3.5x3.5 inch (88.9x88.9 mm) dimensions.[4]

  • Find a fabric that has a pattern that you like and want to use for your felt coasters.

  • Washing your wool felt before use will make subsequent washes much easier.

2. Cut 2.5x2.5 inch (63.5x63.5 mm) square frames out of six pieces of white felt.These pieces of felt should look like frames and will be sewn over the surface of your felt coasters. Once you're done cutting the white squares of felt, you should have six pieces of plain white felt, six pieces of cut white felt, six pieces of your patterned fabric, and six pieces of a different colored felt.

3. Layer your pieces of felt and fabric over each other. Stack up your cut squares of fabric, starting with your solid white piece on the bottom, followed by your different colored felt squares, then your patterned fabric, and finally your white felt frames. This is what your felt coasters will look like once they are sewn together.

  • You can pin your pieces of fabric together to make sewing them much easier.[5]

  • Make any adjustments to your coasters before you start to sew.

4. Sew the pieces together leaving a 3/8 inch (9.53 mm) seam allowance. Use a zig-zag or straight stitch when sewing your pieces of felt together using a sewing machine. Use a needle and thread if you don't have access to a sewing machine. Try to sew as much in the center of your white felt frames as possible to balance your felt coasters. You should have six coasters by the end of this project.

5. Done! You can now use your felt coaster with patterned fabric.