Development history of colored chemical wool felt

- Jun 28, 2017-

A felt is made from wool or other animal hair and is made from wool fibers that can be wet, rubbed, or felt. Household articles are closely related to people's daily life, work and study, and they are both functional and fashionable. Felt warm luster and personality charm is a natural fit for modern people are advocating, pure handmade blankets products can send out the original flavor, the most easily resonates with consumers, bring a simple, comfortable and pleasant way of life.

Blankets are the oldest form of fabric ever recorded in human history. In the frozen ground of Siberia, it has found highly developed colored chemical wool felt handicraft, and the time can be traced back to about AD sixth Century. About the origin of the legend of wool, many different cultures have appeared, such as the Christian saints in Sumerian legends, myths, or the common people most familiar with the biblical story of Noah's Ark also mentioned the origin of wool. In modern history, both Scandinavia and Russia used wool felt to make thick boots, and in addition to their warmth, complete water resistance was the main reason for their choice of felt. The nomadic Mongols in Asia and Central Asia are making Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan wool and wool using history and famous. Commonly used to make carpets, shoes, clothes, the most common is they live in tents, waterproof wool insulation, tenacity, folding carry to move around the house.

At the Copenhagen climate conference in late 2009, the "low carbon economy" became the focus of debate among the participants, and the concept of "low carbon" has mushroomed. For a time, "low carbon economy", "low-carbon society", "low-carbon city", "low-carbon life" as a new term, with the high-profile new appearance, into the lives of all, many of the industry's "low carbon" voice is rising. At present, although the design industry has no specific emission reduction requirements, but the design of low carbon carbide has attracted many enterprises attention. Long before, low-carbon slogan has been in the fashion slogan, many fashion designers in the design of more and more attention to environmental protection, low carbon as a concept, guide the new trend of garment design and production. In 2009 Chinese Hermes brand new "up and down" respected "gorgeous and plain" way of life, every product to create is limited "cultural products, cultural and heritage China colored wool Renaissance traditional handicraft dreams, new seamless stereo felt wear, spinning, rubbing, washing, dehydration, cooking, drying, ironing after a week, the whole process does not need to stitch, one kilogram of cashmere is" sculpture "into a cashmere blanket coat.