Easy Projects With Felt

- Feb 02, 2019-

Felt is an extremely useful crafting supply that can be used in a wide variety of ways. One of the key features of felt is that it is non-fraying. This means that items made from felt do not need to be hemmed. This makes felt an ideal material for quick crafting projects as well as craft projects for beginners.

Many easy projects can be made from felt and while these are simple to make, the end result often belies the simplicity of the project.

Felt Ornaments

Attractive felt ornaments are easy to make from felt. These are perfect as Christmas tree ornaments, however when filled with lavender or other scented material, felt ornaments can be used as small fragrant decorations which make a lovely home accessory. Basic shapes are easy to draw freehand and biscuit cutters also provide an interesting range of template shapes.

Wool Felt Hearts

Felt Flowers

Felt flowers make pretty accessories. These are easy to make from scraps of felt of different colours. Simply cut flower shapes and add other embellishments such as beads and stitching. To add further interest try layering different colours of felt together. Add a safety pin to the back of the flower to make a simple brooch or group a few flowers together to make a corsage.


Home Accessories

Items such as coasters and table mats are simple to make from felt. However felt can also be used to make many other home accessories or to embellish existing accessories. Give old cushions a make-over by adding felt shapes or jazz up a plain lampshade by adding some felt trimming. Felt is also great for making retro inspired items such as egg cosies. These are quick to make, however are easy to dress up with further stitching or embellishments. Make simple characters by sewing or drawing faces onto the egg cosies.

Soft Toys

Simple soft toys are easy to make from felt. Very basic 'softies' are great for beginners and are quick to make. Pick simple shapes such as monsters or bunnies which are made from two pieces before moving onto more complex shapes. It is easy to add character to a felt soft toy by using odd buttons for eyes or adding other fun embellishments. Soft toys with embellishments, such as buttons, are not suitable for young children

wool felt ball