Enhancing Your Felt Succulents

- Sep 01, 2017-

    1.Consider dyeing your felt first. Most succulents aren't a bright green color craft felt typically comes in, but rather a soft, pale green. You can get a similar shade to this by dye white felt using green fabric dye. Each brand of fabric dye will be a little different, so be sure to follow the directions on the package.[11] Be sue to let the felt dry before you cut it and use it.

    • Do a few test swatches first. Felt doesn't always pick up dye very well.

    • The more water/less dye you use, the softer the color will become.

    • Don't worry if the color turns out uneven. It will make the succulent look more realistic.

    • Succulents don't have to be green. Consider making a few that aren't to make them stand out. Shades of blue and purple are great options!

    2.Using pinking shears to create jagged edges.[12] This works great for star-shaped succulents. Simply cut your shapes out using pinking shears instead of plain scissors. You might want to use regular scissors to cut the base of each leaf straight, however; this will make them easier to glue together.

    3. Add some color or texture with acrylic paint. Although not necessary, this can make your succulents look more realistic and interesting. For example, you could use a thin, pointed brush and white paint to draw lines or specks on long, spiky leaves. You could also use a foam brush and a darker shade or green, pink, or red, and lightly shade the edges. This works great for star-shaped succulents.

    • Water the acrylic paint down first. This will "dye" the felt instead, and allow the texture to show through.

    4.Put the succulents into a small flower pot. Make a big succulent, then hot glue it to a smooth stone. Fill a small flower pot with pebbles, then bury the stone in the pebbles with the succulent sticking out.[13]

    • If you made a lot of succulents, you can use a shallow planter box instead.

    • If your succulent has a long enough stem, you could just fill a small flower pot with a bunch of big pebbles, and wedge the stem in between the pebbles

    5. Turn it into a wreath. Wrap yarn around a Styrofoam wreath, so that no foam is showing. Use a light, neutral color, so as not to detract from your succulents, and glue to secure the yarn. Next, arrange the succulents in groups of two or three, starting with the largest. You can cover the entire wreath with succulents, or just a small portion. Once you are happy with the design, use hot glue to secure the succulents.[15]

    • Don't like the look of yarn? Try a willow or grapevine wreath instead!

    6.Turn a bunch of felt succulents into a fall-themed centerpiece. Cut a white foam pumpkin in half along the equator. Fill the bottom half of the pumpkin with a foam block, or a foam dome. Make sure that nothing sticks out past the cut edge. Next, hot glue moss to the foam to hide it. Arrange your succulents on top, and secure them with more hot glue.[16]

    • Paint part of the pumpkin with some gold or silver leaf to give it a touch of elegance.

    • Discard the top half of the pumpkin, or save it for another project.