Factors to be considered in the production of felt

- May 09, 2019-

Felt products are used in various industries such as mechanical vibration protection, oil lubrication, friction resistance and so on. What factors should be considered in production?

First of all, the quality of felt depends to a large extent on the properties of the ingredients. The length, fineness, curl and scale of wool fibers vary greatly with the variety and the shearing season. If only one raw material is used in the production of felt of a certain specification, when the raw wool is used up or its properties change, it will bring fluctuations in production and affect product quality. Therefore, in order to ensure product quality, balanced and stable production, it is necessary to use a variety of raw materials to mix properly. Proper selection of mixing ingredients can not only stabilize production and improve production efficiency, but also make each other learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses after mixing various raw materials. On the premise of guaranteeing product quality, efforts are made to reduce costs and make full use of all available wool fibers to produce felt products, so as to meet the needs of rapid industrial development and people's lives.

The essence of mixing is to mix several kinds of raw materials with different properties to form a mixture, so that it has the comprehensive characteristics of various raw materials, which should meet the quality requirements of felt products.