Fashion felt bag

- May 06, 2019-

In fact, felts are used to make felts with less bags, or simple cutting, because it is relatively difficult to make high-quality bags with felts, which increases the design difficulty of felts.

Felt bags are mostly made of wool-like materials, processed and bonded, non-weft and longitude interwoven, not only cheaper than wool products, but also more environmentally friendly, without harming innocent animals to obtain animal hair. The soft and warm texture of felt is favored by more and more people. People not only pay attention to its practical value, but also pay more attention to its beauty. The felt picked up again shows more splendor than we imagined. Warm and light felt material, portable single shoulder felt bag, carry trivial items easily, experience fashion and fashion.

The felt bag has a good texture. It can be handheld with one shoulder. The one shoulder chain is matched with leather. The style is also special. It can add aesthetic feeling on the package surface.

felt bag 3