Felt code description

- Nov 10, 2019-

1. The technical standard number of felt consists of five digits. The first digit represents the product color; the second digit represents the raw material category; the third digit represents the product specification; the fourth and fifth digits represent the product density. "T" stands for specialty felt. For example, t112-41 refers to special white fine felt, the density is 0.41g/cm3 122-32, that is, white semi coarse felt, the density is 0.32g/cm3 t112-32-44, that is, special white felt, the density is 0.32g/cm3-0.44g/cm3 t112-418mm × 1000mm × 1000mm, that is, special white fine wool felt, the density is 0.41g/cm3, the thickness is 8million Meters, 1000 mm in length and 1000 mm in width.

2. When ordering, only the number, thickness and area are required. When ordering felt wheel and felt product parts, the number can be put forward according to the standard, and the part drawing data can be provided at the same time. If there are special requirements for technical specifications of special type felt products, both parties can make a decision through consultation when ordering.