Felt plant bag -- a good helper for green construction in New Countryside

- Jun 28, 2017-

The plant felt bag is made of polyester material, super light, anti-aging, durable, not cleared before transplantation, without pruning, high survival rate of trees, beautiful shape. Tree species such as bamboo, ginkgo, cherry, camphor and maple trees are especially beneficial for trees that are difficult to transplant. The annual transplantation is not affected by seasonal climate, and the transplantation time is greatly prolonged. Felt bag plant ginseng water good, can make the water and nutrient free will not penetrate and root rot. Saving procedures, can be directly from a bag of seedlings, without transplanting, changing soil, Huanpen, a tree can be directly transplanted. The roots are not easy to surround, and the taproot grows in the bag. The fine roots can absorb moisture and nutrients through the side. Felt bag plants have many advantages for large area soil barren hills, wasteland, wasteland transformation, etc..

Non-woven blankets and planting bag construction is simple and convenient, smooth wall brush glue in milk, such as latex after work, supplemented by edge or iron reinforcement, the plant bag and firmly fixed on the wall, finally will plant in each GROWBAG, creatively solve the three-dimensional green construction of the plant load problem. The good life can not be lack of green, the beautiful new countryside can not be lack of green, greening make the rural life better; non-woven fabrics, blankets, planting bags are playing an increasingly important role in the construction of new rural areas.