Felt production principle

- Dec 25, 2017-

Felt manufacturers for the processing of raw materials, is the prerequisite for the production of high-quality felt: As the original wool, hair regeneration contains a lot of oil, sand, feces, dust, grass thorns, feed and so on. In particular, there are a lot of dust and ash from the tannery. If these impurities are not removed, they will have a tremendous impact on the process and quality of the subsequent processes. Specific treatment principle is that the large pieces of raw wool loosened into a small loose, and open at the same time to remove 15-30% of the wool fibers in the sand; loose open raw wool in the wash Which is easy to be dried after drying to ensure uniform drying. The opened wool provides rational conditions for carding, cilia and hair processing, which can reduce the damage of the carding cloth and the load of combing needles. Only for the pre-treatment of raw materials, in order to better produce high-quality felt material.