Felt production technology

- Jan 26, 2018-

(1) preparing the raw material wool, mixing cotton wool fine wool, lambs wool and coarse wool according to the weight ratio of 5-7: 2 to 4: 1-3; 

(2) feeding the mixed raw wool into the bomb The hair is carried out inside the hair machine so that the fine hair, the lamb hair and the coarse hair in the raw hair are fully mixed. 

(3) Felt blank, the mixed raw material wool and then placed on the shop machine, the machine made of felt blank by the machine; 

(4) blankets, and then the felt blank on the system felt machine, felt machine 

(5) degreasing decontamination, the felt pieces into the concentration of 1-3% sulfuric acid solution soak for 20-24 hours, degreasing, carbonation decontamination, remove the wool on the surface of the fat and Other can carbonize all kinds of dirt and impurities; (6) felt shrinkage treatment, and then remove the carbonized felt, after controlling the water into the condensing machine, poured with 80-90 ℃ hot water, washed away Sulfuric acid residue and carbonized impurities, blankets at 80-90 ℃ high temperature and then through the condensation machine roller repeatedly rolling so that the blankets shrink, used to increase the density and tensile strength felt pieces; 

(7) felt surface technology Sexual treatment, and then shrink the felt pieces dried, then sanding belt machine, the mat piece surface smooth, smooth