felt technical standard number

- Jan 15, 2018-

1, felt technical standard number consists of five digits.

The first digit indicates the product color; 

the second digit indicates the raw material category; 

the third digit indicates the specification of the product; 

the fourth and fifth digits indicate the product density. "T" stands for special product. Such as: T112-41, refers to the special white fine felt, density: 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter; 122-32, refers to the white semi-rough felt, density: 0.32 g / cubic centimeter; T112-32 ~ 44, Refers to the special fine white felt, the density of 0.32 grams / cubic centimeter ~ 0.44 grams / cubic centimeter; T112-41--8mm × 1000mm × 1000mm, refers to the white fine wool wool blocks, a density of 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter, the thickness 8 mm long and 1000 mm wide each. 

2, when ordering only need to put number, thickness and area can be. Felt wheel and felt parts can be ordered according to the standard number, while providing drawings of parts. Special models of felt products have technical specifications of the special requirements, orders can be negotiated between the parties.