Felt Grow Bags for Large Scale Vertical Garden

- Oct 22, 2017-

Product Description

  • Shape: Rectangular

  • Size: 1300*800*108mm

  • Weight: 1400g

  • Material: Synthetic Fiber

  • Finishing: Not Coated

  • Color: Black

  • Pockets Qty: 40

Product Detail
1. There should be a waterproof layer on the wall before hanging on our planting bags. The planting bags consist of a water retention layer, hanging hole is made up of stainless steel, rust-proof.
2. Installation: The Planting bag can be fixed with bolt on the metal frame. Matching with drip irrigation system and draining system.
3. The plants are planted in a matching pot, which will make it extremely easily to change plants (PS: The matching pot is not included in the quotation) The matching pot is as below:

Shipping: Air freight and Sea transportation;

1. What's the key technology of this product?
It is the way through which plants are arranged into a hanging bag with several pockets, we are using a eco-friendly material. Arranging plants into standard pockets which hold special nutrients and arranged on vertical wall or curved wall, and equipped with automatic irrigation and drainage system, this model has many advantages such as easy to construct and maintain, low cost, etc.

2. What kind of plants often employed?
Perennial evergreen plants with big leaves, high body and nice visual effect are frequently employed.

3. What rules should follow for arranging plants?
1. Confirm the form of vertical greenery and density and arrangement of the plants.
2. Confirm its function to the overall layout of the greenery.
3. Take into consideration the form of the plants as well as their seasonal feature.
4. Integrate shape, color, smell and rhyme of the plants in a whole.
5. Arrange plants according to their habits.

4. What about the installation of automatic irrigation system?
1. The water is uses could be the municipal water, reclaimed water or purified rain water.
2. The whole rooftop is divided into many irrigation areas according to the area of the roof, the habit of the plant and the seasonal change of the weather, to meet appropriately the needs of the plant.
3. The irrigation time should be controlled in accordance with specific season, environment and habit of the plant.
4. Irrigation pipes should be installed in accordance with the design.
5. Electromagnetic valves and filters should be arranged base upon the division of the plant.

Basic Information
Name Vertical wall planting bags
Size(L*W*H) 1300*800mm
Material Synthetic Fiber
MOQ 100 pieces
Application  Applicable for not only vertical wall, but also different curve wall of building, more flexible
Our service Product + Service pattern, not only professional pots manufactures, but also site installation technical guidance service base on customer demands
Detail Information
Packing Packed with carton,1pcs/poly bag, 13 pcs per carton, Carton size:62*52*62cm
Delivery About 7 days, we provide design and OEM service.
Experience  Hot selling for Eco-office, Enterprise Mansion, Eco-town, Square, Industrial Park, Life house, Eco-restaurant etc in China since 2007. Started selling for abroad since 2013
Feature 1. Light weight and attractive design;
2. Lowest cost among the 3 vertical greening ways;                    
3. Plants growing without space limited;
4.Thinner than regular green wall
5. Material advantages: high temperature resistance; anti-aging; thickness 3mm, very durable, can be used for at least 8 years;
Payment Terms
1)T/T 100%T/T
2)Paypal For sample payment
3)Western Union More convenient and high efficient for you
4)Negotiable Tell us your most suitable way