How to buy chemical fiber carpet

- Oct 06, 2020-

People generally pay more attention to the design and color, pattern, color and other intuitive characteristics of carpet when purchasing carpet, and also pay attention to the fur color and feel of carpet, and often ignore the physical properties that directly affect the service life of carpet.

(1) Peel strength: peel strength reflects the firmness of the bonding between the carpet surface and the protective backing. The carpet with high peeling strength has strong water resistance when meeting water.

(2) Wear resistance: as a floor decoration material, carpet will be worn in the process of use, so that the surface of the fluff layer is rubbed away and the back lining is exposed. Therefore, the better the wear resistance is, the longer the service life of the carpet is. Generally speaking, the better the quality of wool used in carpet weaving, the longer the pile length, the better the wear resistance of carpet. For the hand-made wool carpet, the more dense the carpet is, the better the wear resistance is.

(3) Elasticity: after the carpet is laid and used, it will be subject to the heavy pressure of furniture, and people will also exert pressure on it when walking on it. If the carpet has poor elasticity, its thickness will be reduced and the flatness of carpet will be reduced. The elasticity of general chemical fiber carpet is less than that of pure wool carpet, and that of polypropylene carpet is less than that of fine fiber carpet. At present, the elasticity of chemical fiber carpet produced in China has not yet caught up with the level of similar products in the world.

(4) Flammability: all kinds of carpets will burn in case of fire, so it is determined that the flame resistance of carpets is based on the burning time of 12 min, and the combustion range is 17.96 in diameter. Within the circle of M. If the flame resistance of carpet is not up to standard, large area combustion will be produced when meeting Mars in the process of use, which will cause great harm to people.

(5) Adhesion: adhesion is a measure of the carpet pile in the backing of the bond on the degree of firmness.

(6) Electrostatic performance: when people walk on the carpet, the friction will produce static electricity on the surface of the carpet, and the carpet material is insulating, so the static electricity is not easy to discharge. Therefore, if the chemical fiber carpet is not treated, it will carry more electric charge than the wool carpet, which is easy to dust and difficult to clean. In serious cases, people will feel electric shock when walking on the carpet. Therefore, in the production of synthetic fiber, the appropriate amount of antistatic agent with conductivity is often added, but the antistatic capacity of chemical fiber carpet produced in China has not yet caught up with the international level.

(7) anti-aging property: aging resistance is mainly for chemical fiber carpet. This is because the chemical synthetic fiber will be oxidized under the action of air, light and other factors, which will reduce its performance and shorten its service life.

(8) Fungus resistance: carpet as a floor covering, in the use process, it is easy to be eroded by insects and fungi and cause mildew changes. The carpet with good bacteria resistance should be able to withstand the erosion of 8 kinds of common mold and 5 kinds of common bacteria without fungus and mildew.