how to choose the planting bag specification

- Jun 21, 2018-

Sizes :80*60cm ;90*70cm;70*50cm;60*55cm;45*35cm;55*45cm ect.

1,From the height of the tree type and the depth of the root.

2,Considering the size of the earth ball: the general ball is below 70CM to choose the bag larger than the earth ball 5CM to 10CM, the earth ball is above 75CM, and the diameter of the ball is compared to the bag of 10-20CM of the earth ball.

3,Seedling chest diameter consider: Seedling chest diameter: 3CM using container diameter: 20-30CM; seedling breast diameter: 3-5CM using container diameter: 35-40CM; seedling breast diameter: 6-8CM using container diameter: 45-50CM; seedling breast diameter: 9-10CM using container diameter: 55-60CM; seedling diameter: 11-12CM using container diameter: 65-80CM; seedling breast diameter: 13-15CM use container caliber: 90-110 CM.