How to control the quality of pure cotton knitting yarn

- Jul 09, 2019-

First, look at the stem

     The yarn used for pure cotton knitting needs to be uniformly dried because the knitting yarn is usually woven by several tens of yarns at the same time, and each yarn is interwoven with each other when forming a circular shape, respectively. If the yarn is not evenly dried, there will be more space between the yarn and the adjacent yarn, which will affect the appearance.


Second, look at the feathers

     Knitting needles are small, if the cotton knitting yarn hairiness and performance are not smooth, it is not easy to pass through the needle eye, and it is easy to jump out of the cloth when weaving, forming a needle leaking water, not breaking, sleeve removal and other problems, in order to spun out the quality of the fabric, in the pure selection Be sure to look at the hairiness when knitting cotton yarn.

See the distortion

     Cotton knitting yarns are different from woven yarns. They can be slightly twisted to make the fabric feel more comfortable.


Fourth, look at the three silk

     Any yarn quality control is checked three times, of course, cotton knitting yarn is no exception. If the three filaments are severe, the snakeskin yarn is not colored and can not be controlled. This cotton knitting yarn is not standard.

     The above four points are commonly used to control the quality of pure cotton knitting yarns. Of course, these methods can also be used for other yarn quality inspections. If there are very strict requirements on product quality, it can also be tested with inspection instruments one by one, we believe only Good yarn can make the best fabric.