How to make felt bag

- May 13, 2019-

Felt manufacturers tell us that the role of felt is many, not only can it be used as a protective material, but also can be used to make felt bag, so how to make felt bag? Now let's take a look.

In fact, its decoration method is very simple, mainly according to their own preferences, the outline of the felt bag painted on a piece of paper, and then according to the pattern drawn to cut, but it should be noted that the two cut out are identical, followed by the need to cut two pieces of felt fabric to sew up, the main purpose of doing so is to be able to To better reflect its aesthetic level, after sewing, it needs to be reversed, so that the seam position will not be seen, but also increase the internal space. Finally, you need to sew a small button on the exquisite felt bag so that the contents don't fall off.

The use of felt, we mostly stay in highway maintenance, product protection and other aspects, in fact, the role of felt is many, so we can give full play to our imagination, with felt to produce more and better things.