How to use the felt polishing wheel 2

- Jun 20, 2018-

1. the surface of the waxing surface needs to be wiped clean. Take sufficient amount of crude wax to operate on the 2 square square (60cm 60cm) area.

2. use wool wheel or high density felt wheel, especially wool wheel, the speed is 1200 to 2000rpm.

3. throw lightly before handling, so that the crude wax is dispersed evenly on the task surface. With appropriate efforts, we should slow down the speed of the waxing machine. If the crude wax on the paint surface is thin, it can speed up (moving) and lighten the intensity, so that the paint can be polished.

grinding wheel 3.jpg

Use of felt polishing wheel:

This product is widely used in stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metal and glass, furniture, ceramics, marble and other non-metallic finely polished.