How to use the wool felt polishing wheel correctly 1?

- Jun 15, 2018-


The wheel used for polishing the wool wheel is a process for polishing glass. It can play the role of eliminating marks and brightening, and can also be used as one of the combined polishing wheels to eliminate the scratches on the shallow surface of the glass, together with the polished powder coolant. It is used for polishing of straight edge machine, beveling machine, special beveling machine and special edge grinding machine. The material of wool wheel is processed according to hardness. Different hardness of wool wheel processing different objects.

grinding wheel 2.jpg

Felt polishing wheel:

Diameter: 100 to 300MM thickness: 25MM hole: 10MM

Material: selection of high quality and high grade wool

Special felt: wool felt can produce 0.15 g / cubic cm ~0.70 g / cubic centimeter, 0.6 mm thick ~10 cm thick, 5 mm wide ~2.5 m wide and 5 mm long ~10 meters, all of which were carefully made with 70 long 6~8 centimetre fineness.

Special grade felt products are fine white and no impurities, and the average density is military, mechanical, aerospace equipment, aircraft, ship manufacturing, precision machinery, high-grade electronic products, printers, polishing wheels, leather felt, and Piano Hyun hammer and other products of high quality felt mainly for insulation, insulation, dust, seal, shock absorption, polishing. And so on.