How to Make a Felt Activity Wall for Kids

- Sep 05, 2017-

1. Measure the width of your wall. Before making a felt activity wall, you’ll need to know the width of the wall you hope to cover in felt. Use a measuring tape to take an accurate measurement of the wall.[1]

  • The amount of felt you’ll need corresponds to the size of the wall you’re trying to cover. The longer your wall, the more felt you will need.

  • If you don’t want to convert an entire wall into a felt activity wall for kids, measure only the part of the wall you’re interested in making available for the project.

  • There is no need to take a height measurement.

2.Choose a large piece of felt for the base. Once you know the size of the wall you’re trying to cover, visit your local fabric store. Obtain a quantity of felt that measures 48-60 inches (1.3-1.6 meters) high and as wide as the wall you wish to transform into a felt activity wall.

  • For instance, if your wall is 10 feet wide, obtain a piece of felt in the color you desire that is 10 feet wide and 48-60 inches tall.

3. Purchase a spray adhesive. To mount your felt activity wall for kids, you’ll need to obtain a spray adhesive or poster tape.[3] You can easily obtain these at your local art supply store.[4]

  • You might worry that spray adhesive will damage your wall when the felt is removed. However, there is no need to worry about this.

  • If at some point you no longer wish to have a felt activity wall for kids, you can easily remove it using an adhesive remover manufactured with mineral spirits, baby oil, or citrus oil.[5]

  • Just apply the adhesive remover with a clean cloth. After removing the felt from the spray adhesives, hold the adhesive remover to the adhesive. After a few minutes, the adhesive will soften and you can wipe it up with a damp cloth.

4. Attach your felt to the wall. Spray the wall you will transform into a felt activity wall for kids with spray adhesive. Spray an even layer of spray adhesive in the center of the area that will receive the large felt base. Then, spray the back of the felt with an even layer of spray adhesive. Line the top edge of the felt up against your wall so that is straight in relation to your ceiling and floor. Unfurl the felt from the top to the bottom.[6]

  • Spray additional adhesive on the wall just before applying the felt.

  • If you see the felt base sagging or loose in any places, remedy the problem by rolling a small piece of poster tape into a tight cylinder and placing it behind the loose spots.

  • If you wish to use poster tape to mount your felt activity wall for kids, simply roll several pieces of poster tape into inverted cylinders (that is, with their sticky side facing out). Place these tape cylinders at even intervals of six inches (10 centimeters) or so along the edges of the back of the large piece of felt you intend to use as the base of your felt activity wall for kids.

5.Trim the edges. Once your felt is attached properly, it might have some ragged edges. Use your hand to gently peel back these uneven edges and trim them with scissors if necessary.

6. Choose your theme. If you want to use the felt wall to teach kids about a particular holiday or event, cut out felt shapes that are appropriate for that event or holiday. For instance, if you’re making a felt wall to celebrate Christmas, cut the felt wall into a Christmas tree shape using green felt. If you’re making the felt activity wall for kids who are celebrating Halloween, cut a measure of orange felt into a pumpkin shape and use orange felt.[8]

  • You could also choose more pedestrian themes like “city” or “farm.” A farm-themed activity wall for kids, for instance, might include barns, pigs, cows, and grain silos.

7. Make abstract shapes. If your child is very young, they will be much impressed by almost any shape you provide them for their felt activity wall. You could make simple shapes like ovals, circles, squares, or triangles. Cut these shapes out of different colors of felt.[9]

  • If you wish to craft multicolor felt shapes, you can use a needle and thread or a glue gun. For instance, if you wish to make a cow, you could cut the basic cow shape out of white felt, then sew or glue black spots onto the cow to give it an appropriately patchy look.

8. Make felt faces. Cut out a few differently-shaped heads (for instance a squarish head, an elongated head, and a head with a rounded jaw) and a few various facial features and/or accoutrements. For instance, you might create two brown eyes, two blue eyes, and three or fair different types of glasses. You could cut out a mustache, a beard, and hair of varying colors and lengths. Your child will have hours of fun mixing and matching the many combination of facial features.

9. Make shapes that will fit on the activity wall. If your activity wall for kids is 10 feet wide, do not make a felt snake that is 15 feet long, as it will not fit on the felt activity wall. For the same reason, if your activity wall for kids is 160 centimeters tall, do not make a felt tree that is 180 centimeters tall.

10.Make a variety of felt shapes. With many different felt shapes and settings on hand, you can swap them out from time to time. This will keep your child interested in the felt activity wall for kids. Create a diverse mixture of people, vehicles, weather conditions, robots, animals, and landscapes.[12]

  • Invite your kids to create their own shapes if they are old enough. Apply glue or sew for them where necessary.[13]

  • You might be able to purchase more complex or specialized shapes from retailers of school goods or children’s toys.