How to Make Felt Puppets

- Aug 19, 2017-

  1. Make a basic template for the head piece. This is very simple; just draw a semi-circle shape that is wide enough to fit over the child's fingertips and long enough to reach just before the knuckle. This will be your basic template for any head you choose to make, be it animal or human.

  2. Place the template on the felt. Pin in place. Cut around it twice.

  3. Stitch the two pieces together, stitching only around the curve. Leave the straight edges unstitched; this is where the child inserts a finger.

  4. Make ears. Ears can be triangles, half circles, bunny ears, floppy ears, elephant ears, etc. Simply cut the required shape from felt in the same color as the head. Glue in place.

    * Also cut inner ear pieces from a different color of felt. Glue inside the ear shape.

  5. Add eyes, nose and mouth. These can be made from felt or from items such as buttons, googly eyes, sequins, thread, etc. Again, after cutting the shape (if needed), simply glue the item in place.

  6. Choose a design for the head finger puppet. Here the possibilities are endless but some ideas include:

    * Pig - pink felt, triangle ears, round snout from felt with a button glued on top, googly eyes

    * Mouse - grey felt, triangle ears with pink felt inner ears, googly eyes, triangle nose, felt or embroidery thread whiskers

    * Elephant - grey felt, ears shaped like a filled-in figure 8, pink inner ears, trunk made from grey felt with fabric pen marked lines (or sew with thread), googly eyes

    * Dog - Brown felt, floppy triangle ears that fold over onto the face, googly eyes, oval snout in same color as felt, with a black spot for a nose

    * Cat - Black felt, green cat's eyes cut from felt, triangle ears with pink felt inserts, felt or embroidery thread whiskers, triangle nose in pink felt

    * Girl or boy (basic person) - Skin color of choice, eyes cut from felt in eye color of choice, red or pink smiling mouth cut from felt, cheek dimples (round felt pieces), etc. Add hair in the form of yarn glued around the face from top, down; braids, etc. can extend down the face area if wished, just be sure to tie firmly so that they do not unravel

  7. Mix and match different styles of ears, eyes, etc., to give the puppet its own personality. Consider adding other features, such as a hat, a tiara, a Santa cap, earrings, eyelashes, etc.