How to Make Felt Strawberries

- Sep 02, 2017-

  1. Cut 12cm/5 inch circles from the red felt.

  2. Cut each circle in half. Each half circle will now be turned into a strawberry.

  3. Thread the needle with the yellow embroidery thread/yarn.

  4. Sew small yellow dots. Use running stitch, evenly spaced, to make little yellow dots across each of the red felt semi-circles. These will serve as the strawberry seeds.

  5. Fold the half circle in half again. Have the wrong side facing out.

  6. Sew along the straight edge with the red thread. Then turn it the right side facing out.

  7. Sew a line of running stitch about 5mm/0.19 inches in from the edge, all around the circle's edge. Pull to gather slightly.

  8. Push a little stuffing or wadding inside the slightly gathered circle. Then pull the threads closed and stitch the stuffed strawberry together.

  9. Cut a top leaf bunch shape from the darker green felt. It's easiest to imagine a five petaled flower shape for this; the "petals" will actually serve as the leaves that you find atop a real strawberry.

  10. Draw a small circle from the light green felt. This will sit on top of the dark green felt, in the center.

  11. Place the dark felt on top of the strawberry. Then place the green felt in the center of the dark felt. Sew the leaves in place using a single large green cross stitch in the circle felt. This allows the green leaves to flap up, as they do on a real strawberry.

    * If desired, you can trim the edges of the strawberry leaves to make them appear a little more raggedy, as in nature. This is optional.

  12. Done. The felt strawberry can now be displayed, used on another craft project or placed in a basket or box for a gift.