How to Make Heavy Duty Felt Slippers

- Sep 06, 2017-

  1. Find heavy felt for the slipper material. This may mean that instead of hitting the craft store you may need to visit a fabric retailer or wholesaler for the right material. You want felt that is several layers thick and able to withstand a little wear and tear (although you shouldn’t wear these slippers outside the home).

  2. Purchase an industrial hole punch. While you may be tempted to use the hole punch you have for school projects, you will need something with a little more power in order to punch through the heavy felt.

  3. Pick up matching shoelace strings. You will need one set (2 strings) per shoe. Make sure they are slightly longer than average and compliment the color felt you’ve chosen.

  4. Locate a white pencil (or a pencil that you can use on felt fabric), sewing scissors and a tape measure.

  5. Select one pair of shoes or slippers that fit your feet perfectly. You will want to mimic the fit when creating your slippers.

  6. Create a template of the slipper bottom. Trace the bottom/sole of your shoe on one sheet of the felt fabric. Trace both shoes (so you have a left and a right shoe).

    * Cut out both shoe bottoms.

  7. Draw the template for the sides and tops of the slippers. Create the template by doubling the length of the slipper size and then adding a rounded top (so the design ends up looking somewhat like a golf club). #*Hold the template up to each shoe sole. You want the thin end to begin around the baby toe area of the shoe and then it will be wrapped around the back and over the top of the shoe.

    * Cut out a side and top template for each shoe (the template will look reversed for left versus right shoe).

  8. Punch holes along the shoe sole base, starting at the big toe area and working your way around the sole. Space your holes accordingly since you only have a few strings to use.

  9. Punch holes along the shoe side and tops to match/correspond to the holes on the sole.

  10. Run the first shoelace string through the heel area of the shoe sole and tie a knot. Make sure the knot is outside the shoe so it isn’t poking your foot every time you wear it.

  11. Weave the shoestring through the sole, joining it to the shoe sides and tops.When you come to the end around the top of the shoe, tie off with another knot.

  12. Run the second shoelace through the heel area of the shoe sole, but this time work the other way, joining the sole to the side of the shoe. Knot the shoelace when you get to the end of the shoe.