Industrial felt products

- Sep 26, 2018-

The wool felt can form various excellent properties by combining its properties on its structure or on the fibers it uses. Making good use of these properties can play a very good role in many leading cities. The following are the uses and performance requirements of filtering and examples of application.

First, performance requirements: the effect of gathering particles is better, and the volume of unit area is larger. When used, the pressure loss is low, and it is not easy to jam.

Usage examples: bag felt for powder collection (pigment, carbon, cement, food, etc.), dust-trapped felt, gas filter felt (air filtration and ventilation equipment of buildings and factories), atmospheric pressure and pressure filter (solvent, medicine, paint, alcohol, gasoline, oil, dye, photographic milk Jing, etc.), gas use Industrial and dustproof masks, swimming pools, public baths, fish culture filters, air conditioning filters in cars, lubricant filters, drainage filters for civil engineering, felt for railway tracks to prevent soil and stone mixing, etc.