Industrial wool felt technology

- Feb 28, 2018-

Industrial wool felt technology

Industrial wool felt is used in what technology, industrial wool felt there are two kinds of suppression and acupuncture process, the use of different processes will be different, such as oil shock Zhenjiang acupuncture can be felt, polished polished wool felt better,

Felt mostly made of natural wool, a few products made of some other animal hair, it is not

The use of warp and weft knit use of the wool itself's milling properties without changing the physical properties of wool made.

1. Elastic, can be used as shockproof, sealed, padded and elastic steel wire cloth felt material.

2. Because felting performance is good, not easy loose, can be cut into various shapes of parts.

3. Insulation is better, can be used as thermal insulation materials.

4. Tissue tight, small pores, and in the manufacture of the thickness of the fabric and not as limited, as

Good filter material.

5 wear better, can be used as polishing material.