Introduction of felt DIY tools

- Mar 11, 2019-

Common in the market, 

According to the region, there are domestic needles, Japanese needles, European and American needles, Taiwan needles.

According to the material, there are iron needles and steel needles.

According to the number of needles, single needle, multiple needles

1. Coke Clover Needle [1]

Of course, everyone knows that their single needle is made of iron, which is shorter than that of hamanaka. There are two models, thick and fine.

Felting speed is also good, in fact, this needle is also very durable.

This price is a little cheaper than that of hamanaka. It's economical and practical.

2. American needle [1]

There are coarse, ordinary and fine. It's also made of iron, but the American needle is generally thicker than the Japanese needle.

Of course, the felting speed of thick needles is very fast, but the final adjustment of fine needles is still needed, otherwise the surface will be ugly. This needle is seldom used in China.

3: Hamanaka's handle single needle.

The price is not cheap, there is only one model, but the hand position is very comfortable, belonging to the thicker needle.

It's easy to use and won't be very tired for a long time because of the handle. However, the success and failure are also due to the handle, because the steel needle is directly embedded in the handle, the joint is easier to break.

4, multiple needles.

Coke's five needles, this needle is rarely used unless you plan to make a large flat object and don't want to wash it with water. There are also two types of models.