Introduction of Lesel

- Oct 16, 2018-

Lysielle fiber, commonly known as "Tiansi", is a natural plant fiber as raw material. It was published in the mid-1990s. It has been praised as the most valuable product in the history of man-made fiber in the past half century. Lysiel is a green fiber. Its raw material is inexhaustible cellulose in nature. There is no chemical reaction in the production process. The solvent used is non-toxic.

Lysiel fiber is a brand-new textile and clothing fabric, which rose in Europe and the United States in the mid and late 1990s. It not only has the natural fiber cotton comfort, feel good, easy dyeing and other characteristics, but also has the traditional viscose fiber does not have the advantages of environmental protection. Viscose fiber will release carbon disulfide, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful gases in the production process, polluting the environment, so it has been phased out in developed countries. Lysiel fibers are made from pulps made from renewable bamboo, wood and other pulps. Advanced technology makes the solvent recovery rate as high as 99.7%. It is not only energy-saving, environmental protection, but also sustainable development. The clothes made of this fiber not only have natural luster, smooth handle, high strength and no shrinkage, but also have good moisture permeability and air permeability. The fabric blended with wool has good effect.