Introduction to modal

- Oct 16, 2018-

Modal products because of its own good flexibility and excellent hygroscopicity, but its fabric stiffness poor characteristics. Nowadays, most of them are used in underwear production. Modal's knitted fabric is mainly used for making underwear. But Modal has a silver-white luster, excellent dyeability and bright color after dyeing, enough to make it used for coats. Because of this, modal is increasingly becoming the material for cloths and decorative fabrics. In order to improve the straightness of pure Modal products, Modal can be blended with other fibers, and can achieve good results. JM/C (50/50) can make up for this shortcoming. The blended fabric made of this yarn makes the cotton fiber more flexible and improves the appearance of the fabric. Modal in the process of weaving fabrics can also reflect its weavability, can also be interwoven with other fiber yarns, thus weaving into a variety of fabrics. Modal products have broad prospects for development in modern clothing and apparel.

At present, Modal on the market mainly for the Austrian LENZING MODAL - Langin Modal, and Taiwan Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. (FCFC) FormOTEX - Taihua Modal. Others include BILRA MADAL produced by THAIRAYON, Thailand, BILRA MADAL MICRO and BILRA MADAL MICRO produced by GRASIM, India. Due to different production processes, the surface characteristics of modal fibers produced by different companies are also slightly different.