Is needle punched non-woven fabric felt?

- Jun 28, 2017-

Is needle punched non-woven fabric felt? Felt can only be considered as a kind of needle punched non-woven fabric. Needle non-woven fabrics are produced by rows of spines, depending on the extent of the thorns. If you want to do very well, you can also, and the strength is poor. For example, leather fabric with acupuncture non-woven fabrics, needles are very dense, and the intensity is also very large.

The basic principle is: the use of triangular cross section (or other section) edge with barbed needles on web by repeated puncture. When the barb passes through the web, the fiber surface and the inner layer fiber are forced into the interior of the web. Because of the friction between fibers, the bulky web was compressed. The exit from the web, piercing the fiber bundle from the barb in the web, so many bundles entangled fiber network so that it can not restore the original fluffy state. After many times of acupuncture, a considerable number of fiber bundle piercing fiber network, the fiber network in fiber entangled each other to form a certain strength and thickness of the needle punched nonwoven material.

There are pre needling, main needling, pattern needling, ring acupuncture and tube acupuncture.