​Knitted fabric marketing is partially active

- Aug 10, 2018-

Knitted fabric marketing is partially active

      Recently, as the temperature has risen, the marketing of long-fiber knit T-shirt printed fabrics in China textile city has been smooth, and the overall market sales has been booming. The volume of the fabrics has risen in a certain range during the shocks. The local spot prices of the general flower pattern are mainly based on the basic stability. Some orders with higher quality requirements from the local scale retail outlets and spot prices for new flowers still have a slight boost. In summer, new style fabrics increased in local sales, printing and dyeing varieties interacted, and raw material ingredients expanded. From single polyester filament yarns to yarns, pure cotton yarns, T/C polyester yarns, T/R viscose yarns, CVC, T/T pure polyester yarn, AB yarn and human cotton yarn are widely used. The softness of the hand is better than that of polyester filament yarn. The price is relatively strong. The new style fabric has a relatively high added value.