Knowledge of felt blanket mats in the field(2)

- Jun 19, 2018-

It is woven from the bottom net, and the bottom net is shaped at high temperature. Then the net is laid on the bottom net, and the fibers and bottom nets are entangled with each other under the action of acupuncture.


Finally, the length and width of the blanket have no obvious deformation during the running process by far infrared or gasifier, and some products have to be treated with chemical treatment on the surface to resist pollution and easy to wash, to prolong the life of the blanket.


Needling method is the only reinforcing technology for papermaking blankets. The production and consumption of non-woven fabric (felt, non-woven fabric) in China are roughly similar to that of the global per capita, but there is a great gap between the quality of paper blankets in our country and abroad

Paper making has three processes: sizing, pressing, filtering and drying. The three processes are all made of paper making blankets. The blankets used on paper machines can be divided into wet blankets, upper blankets and dry blankets on the basis of paper machines.