Knowledge of felt production

- May 07, 2019-

Felt manufacturer's products have been applied in many aspects, such as road maintenance and transportation, have played an important role.

According to the different uses and specifications of felt, according to the process design, under the action of rubbing force, friction force, moisture and steam exerted by the upper and lower pressing plates, the loose web is initially felted, and a certain thickness, a certain proportion and a certain size of blank are made, which creates good conditions for further shrinkage in the next process. When the blank is pressed, the upper pressing plate can be pulled up and down parallel to the lower pressing plate. In order to prevent accidents, the upper pressure plate will not slide automatically after lifting. The self-locking of worm and worm must be considered in the design of traction worm wheel and worm, that is, the worm lift angle is larger than the friction angle between worm and worm. For finishing worm gear and worm, if using rolling bearing, it can be self-locking.

In addition, according to the characteristics of felt, compact structure and small pore, it can also be used as a good oil filter material, good wear resistance, as well as polishing and polishing materials.